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Do I have to buy a booth to use the App?

No, you can use the app without a booth but the Build a Booth podiums really do add to the fun and overall experience at parties.

Is a tablet Included?

Wouldn’t that be nice but no, a tablet is not included

I bought Build a Booth on Amazon,  how do I receive my App redemption code?

Ready to unleash the power of Build a Booth? Just fill out the form here with your name, date of purchase and Amazon order number.

Our team will be on hand with your redemption code – so you can get up and running creating awesome memories!


What tablet can I use with Build a Booth?

Build a Booth is available for 5th generation iPad’s (2017) running iOS 11 and upwards

Do I need Internet?

Yes, you’ll need access to the internet on your iPad to create your event, download all the resources and so your guests can share their photos instantly.

How long will my images be stored?

You can access and download your images anytime with an active plan and up to 30 days once your plan has ended.

How much free space do I need on my tablet?

This depends on how many pictures you will be taking but if you’re like us, snap happy, we would suggest minimum storage space of 3.0 GB


How long does it take to Build a Booth?

It only takes around 10 minutes to build which is not long at all, they’re quick and easy to assemble with no tools required, simply follow the instructions in the box.

How tall is the booth when built?

When built, the booth stands at 139cm or just over 4.5 ft which is the optimal height for capturing images.

Will my tablet fit in my Booth?

The booth comes with 2 different size tablet cradles, one for iPad mini’s (7.9in) and the other for iPad’s (9.7 to 10.5in).


What is the quickest you can get it to me?

Depending on your location, our delivery times are between 1-3 days but don’t worry, we’ll keep in the frame with delivery updates.

How do I send a booth back?

You don’t need to, it’s yours to keep however, in the event that you’re not happy with it, please just get in touch. (Restrictions apply-please see Terms and Conditions for more information)

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