The day of the big party is HERE and you want to make sure the photos look ace. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or hen do there are some simple tips that will make a huge difference on your snaps. Here are our top tips on how to take your best selfie and get the most out of your Build a Booth:

1. The eyes have it

To take your best selfie focus your eyes on the camera. Not just in the general vicinity but directly at the camera and freeze whilst you watch the Build a Booth app countdown from 3 to 1 and snap you looking gorgeous. But no worries if you’ve taken a dud shot, our props which include hats, masks and eyes can disguise even the dodgiest snap turning it to an unforgettable moment to LOL at.

2. The basics count

It might sound obvious but making sure your iPad is charged rather than wobbling around the 17% mark will help you chill in the knowledge that your guests will have fun all night snapping away. Also when you go to save the night’s photos connect to the WiFi on your iPad will mean your images will save seamlessly.

3. Lighting matters

As Vlogger Jordan Liberty says “Light is undoubtedly the best beauty product you don’t have to pay for.” Instead of relying on your kitchen lighting which’ll wash you out, turn toward a window with natural light. Or better yet, feel confident that your Build a Booth has a ring light as standard helping give you that glow no matter what your party lighting is up to.

4. Background Interest

Amp up the background of your photo and create a more interesting pic. If you’ve got an interesting background like a balloon arch or some funky decoration then great but it not, no sweat. If you’re not feeling creative in the moment, then Build a Booth’s customisable frames and props can make your pictures come alive. We have heaps to choose from – balloons, magazine layouts, confetti and more. Plus you can superimpose props like masks, hats and emojis on to your selfies once you’ve taken the picture.

5. Practice makes perfect

With 1000 image credits, you can rest easy knowing that even if you and your guests never become a selfie expert you’ll have that many amazing memories and snaps to pick from it just won’t matter.

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