Need to know more about the Build a Booth photobooth before purchasing? Read on for the down low of the best party accessory that will kick-start your gathering.

The Party Who What Where

So you’ve got a get-together in mind, whether that’s a birthday, hen, wedding or baby shower and you want to make it extra special. You’ve Googled a few photo booth options but you’re jaw hit the floor when you saw the prices, that’s where Build a Booth comes in.

It’s a selfie booth and app that you own, not rent. It has all the luxuries of a high-end photo booth at an affordable price (£120 with free UK delivery) that’s delivered straight to your door. We have two selfie podium stands to choose from, either Geo Black or Pretty in Pink to fit in with your colour scheme. It’s easy to order, assemble and use and there’s a next day delivery option for the photobooth for those last-minute parties and the selfie halo light attached to all Build a Booths will make sure your skin is glowing from your first selfie.

Delivery and Assembly

The booth arrives flat packed to your door, it takes less than 10 minutes to put together, the instructions are in the box and it is simple to do, definitely, no engineering degree required! You then slot your iPad into the top of the booth – the app works with 5th generation iPads (bought from 2017) that are running on iOS 11 and upwards, and then you’re ready to go!

Once you’ve downloaded the app from App Store and registered your account you are ready to create your first event with your own bespoke frame for that party’s photos. After each photo, you’ll be given the option to add props, everything from glasses to moustaches to hats. You can retake pics multiple times before saving them and sharing them via email to friends.

Why Build a Booth

Photo booths help kick starts parties and Build a Booth is a perfect alternative to hiring an expensive selfie stand, it’s easy to organise and compact enough that it can fit in anywhere. The booth is made of reinforced cardboard here in the UK, and whilst it’s affordable it’s been designed to endure your party and the next, and the next.

To keep your booth looking fresh for the next shindig you can dismantle it into three pieces and then store it away, it can be put together again in under two minutes – perfect for those impromptu parties and get-togethers.

If you’ve got any more questions on Build a Booth or the app then drop us a message at

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